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The charity UMBRELLA FOR YOUTH  is a charitable, non-profit, apolitical and secular organization under Cameroonian law.

With the aim of promoting education and well-being, providing assistance to unemployed children and young people in difficulty of social integration through the delivery of donations to the needy, support for orphanages, training and the fight against unemployment by encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship among young people.  


Through the causes it defends, the association was effectively created on December 27, 2019 and was able to develop its activities after the validation of its very first Executive Board. Since then, the association has been committed to promoting the ideals of solidarity, mutual help and assistance throughout Cameroon.

With its vision and numerous pilot projects aimed at supporting young people for as long as necessary; this group of citizens concerned about the development of Cameroonian youth has decided to contribute in its own way to the reduction of idleness by creating a young association called UMBRELLA FOR YOUTH.  

Based on volunteering and sharing, the association UMBRELLA FOR YOUTH obtains as a new source of motivation, the acceptance of its declaration of association and the validation of its legal personality by the signature of the receipt of declaration of association No. 00000264/RDA/JO6/SAAJP/BAPP on 01 August 2021.


Let's act together...Let's empower our young boys and girls!

If you want to share our ideology, do not hesitate to contact us.

It's not the color of our skin that makes us different, it's the color of our thoughts.


Our mission

the charity UMBRELLA FOR YOUTH particularly aims to support our young brothers and sisters, our young mothers for as long as necessary to ultimately facilitate their integration.


It therefore applies to:


  • Welcoming young people in distress;

  • Assess the need and put in place support measures;

  • MicroUFY on micro-projects and integration monitoring;

  • Training in the field of art, English, computers, sewing, mental health etc... ​


It is therefore high time for the charity UMBRELLA FOR YOUTH that we all represent a little bit, to be able to proudly face the future and help our young boys and girls realize their dreams.


So let's reach out to them...they need it!

Jeunesse et regard tourné vers l'avenir
entrepreunariat et elevage
Jeune fille apprenant la patisserie

The activities of UFY

Jeune enfant prenant des cours de guitare

1) Social and humanitarian:

a)Support for young future mothers in the preparation of the necessary for their future babies and the education of children through the program UFY WOMAN TO WOMAN;

b)Social and cultural support for young people through the introduction to the use of musical instruments through the program CONFIDENCE JAZZ;

c)Continue the fight against unemployment through an offer of TRAINING for the benefit of young people in various fields such as computers, sewing, pastry, breeding, etc.

d)Promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship through support for the financing of micro-projects via the MICRO UFY PROJECTS

jeune fille maman
entreprenariat et elevage des poulets

2) Occasional economic activities:

The goal is to promote the disinterested objective, by organizing paid association events.

We believe that every child has the right to a good education and good mental health to be fulfilled and become what they dreamed of being, to define their future and to change the world.

Jeune couturier en fin d'apprentissage
Notre mission
Des enfants qui s'excercent à l'utilisation d'un ordinateur

Our vision

  • Extend our assistance to young people throughout the national territory.

  • Having partners who are so sensitive to the cause which is our priority at national and international level.

  • Maintain a dynamic and professional team in all places and circumstances.

We need you !

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