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The Moracle Foundation supports the Umbrella For Youth association


The Moracle Foundation was created by Moracle Limited in 2010 to reinvest some of its resources in a charitable enterprise that enriches the communities in which it operates by providing accounting training.


For Moracle Limited, there are many qualified and talented people who have graduated from a range of accounting institutions and courses. However, after passing their exams, graduates must build a record documenting their practical work experience proving their competence. To achieve this, they need additional training from accounting firms with an appropriate portfolio of qualified senior staff and licenses to practice.

What the Moracle Foundation offer benefits both graduates or interns and organizations.

The President of the Foundation is Morlai Kargbo, FCCA, who brings in-depth knowledge and experience in auditing, accounting, training within the charitable and non-profit sector and to corporate clients.  

Across the Moracle FoundationMoracle Limited was thus able to provide material support to the charity Umbrella For Youth whith the delivery of a batch of computers. Gesture warmly welcomed by the entire community Umbrella For Youth and who did not fail to thank this benefactor who accompanies our young association in its noble missions.


To learn more about the benefits of working with the Moracle Foundation, you can email them  


The Orange Cameroon Foundation through the Orange Digital Center supports Umbrella For Youth in the training and digital sectors

The birth of the Orange Foundationin 2009, enabled the continuation, in the official form of a Corporate Foundation, of the sponsorship activities carried out by Orange Cameroon for several years already for the improvement of the living conditions of the populations. From its first steps, the Orange Foundation was a natural extension of the company's mission:allow everyone to communicate better.

This is how the Orange Foundation proposes in particular to support in the fields of health, education, digital solidarity, programs for the democratization of access to digital technology, but also in the field of solidarity in its simplest form. The primary ambition is to promote equal opportunities for the poor by putting digital technology at the heart of exchanges. 

It is therefore following these principles of innovation, sharing and solidarity that the concepts of Orange Digital Center and Orange Digital Center Club were born.


Orange Digital Center is a concept that consolidates in one place, all programs ranging from training through support, up to the acceleration of start-ups and investment in them. This in order to create an ecosystem around innovation.

Orange Cameroon with many achievements on the continent is elsewhere, therefore wishes to consolidate its position through the creation of innovation centers dedicated to digital inclusion and youth employability.

It then offers our association a vast catalog of training dedicated to digital and digital professions whith the ODC from Yaoundé and Douala. This includes various programs such as : Women Digital Class, Use of digital tools on a daily basis, Digital Marketing and Digitalization Pack that are of particular interest to our community. 

You will therefore be able to access it for free thanks to the support of the Orange Cameroon Foundation to which we say a big thank you!

Contact us and click on the link below to register.

logo Radio Eding

La Radio du développement de la Lékié, RADIO EDING, un acteur majeur de la promotion de l'entrepreneuriat jeune avec l'accompagnement de l'association Umbrella For Youth.

Radio Eding, la radio de développement de la Lékié est une radio de proximité qui soutient énormément les jeunes de sa communauté et des communautés voisines. Elle offre notamment l'opportunité aux plus jeunes de profiter de précieux conseils dans les domaines liés à l'entrepreneuriat.


C'est pour cette raison que l'association Umbrella For Youth a choisi de soutenir cette radio en produisant une émission de radio matinale, StartUp.

À travers l'émission StartUp, la Radio Eding offre une aventure entrepreneuriale unique. L'émission produite par l'association Umbrella For Youth se veut dynamique et est diffusée chaque jour, du lundi au vendredi, dès 07 heures et 30 minutes. Elle permet aux jeunes entrepreneurs d'être inspirés par des histoires captivantes et des conseils pratiques qui devraient les propulser vers le succès.

StartUp est donc plus qu'une émission de radio; c'est un mouvement, une communauté où les jeunes entrepreneurs brillent et partagent leurs parcours. 


Écoutez, apprenez, et lancez-vous! Avec StartUp et l'association Umbrella For Youth, chaque jour est une occasion de grandir et d'innover. Soyez à l'écoute, votre avenir entrepreneurial commence probablement ici ! 

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