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A beautiful visit to the Saint Theresa orphanage of the Obili sisters

A beautiful visit to the Saint Theresa orphanage of the Obili sisters

It was a beautiful first experience that we were able to live as emotions on December 17, 2022 in the Obili district of Yaounde where the members of the Umbrella For Youth charity paid a warm visit to the boarders of the Orphanage Sainte Thérèse des Soeurs in order to share joy and cheerfulness with the children and their supervisors in this period of end of year celebrations.

It was wonderful to see the happiness on the faces of these young boys and girls who, through songs and games, expressed their gratitude to the Umbrella For Youth charity for the modest gift it wanted to offer them.

In her welcoming speech, the head of the center, Sister Marie Louise Nsamba, also thanked the charity for the donations offered to the center, which she has been running for several years despite the difficulties. She stressed that this action of "heart" should allow the young children she supervises to spend the end-of-year celebrations in dignity like all the other children in the world.

During the exchanges related to the history of the center and some ''anecdotes'' about some of the young residents it houses, we had the impression of becoming more familiar with each of these children and of being lulled by their infinite insouciance as we spent hours watching them play, smile and cry....

These are rare moments that fully materialise our capacity to put ourselves in the place of others... if only for a moment ; but also the proof of maturity for a young charity association that never ceases to assert itself and to grow.

Thank you for this moment of happiness and sharing with the residents of the Orphelinat Sainte Thérèse des sœurs d'Obili de Yaounde and a big thank you to all those who have worked to make this project possible.

Happy holidays to all ....

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