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How could a Star make a child smile?

The Christmas period has always been a time when children create an imaginary world in their minds. All children in the world dream of meeting Santa Claus (SANTA). Everyone, in their little notebook, will draw up a list that they will give to dad or mom to send to Santa Claus. Yes, this dream we all shared! Some of us had the chance to receive gifts from said Santa Claus and unfortunately others did not have this blessing to see this dream come true.

How to turn your dream into a reality? Look at the beautiful photo below because this year Santa Claus has not forgotten you, you the child who is in a precarious situation, and whose parents cannot afford the luxury of giving you a present.

Are you one of the people able to offer a Christmas present to these children who hope to have one?

They need you to make them smile and make their dream come true.

The charity thanks you for your attention and support for our children.

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