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Launch of the second phase of the PRO BIO FARM pilot project in March 2024

The PRO BIO FARM program, an initiative of the Cameroonian farm PRO BIO FARM and the UMBRELLA association FOR YOUTHaims to support the development and empowerment of young people in difficulty. The program, as in its first phase, is aimed at young people experiencing social integration difficulties and who have difficulty taking care of themselves and their families.

This second phase of the program will be launched in March 2024. It should be structured around the same principles as those of 2023 with a particular emphasis on thequality of the space reserved for topics.

The PRO BIO FARM 2024 program therefore remains an important opportunity for young people who are motivated and committed to succeeding in this sector of activity and thus be able to generate their own income.

To have the opportunity to participate in the PRO BIO FARM MARCH 2024 program, simply complete the form made available to you via the link:

Good luck to everyone!

The minimum for a healthy subject withMme Blanche
PRO BIO FARM campaign flyer

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